Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Review of 2007's New Year's Resolutions

"Here is what I planned on working on in 2007 and how I did.

#1 Work on my spiritual life - I feel that I didn't do too badly on this, I read a number of very good books, participated in group spiritual events and intragated more of my beliefs into my daily life.

#2 Build an even stronger relationship with my daughter - Feel very good with this resolution. My daughter and my relationship has never been stronger or better.

#3 Continue to work on improving my health and therefore my weight - Didn't do to well here, in fact slipped a lot.

#4 Having built a tenous relationship with my eldest sister, I will continue to nurture it's growth and developement. - This went nowhere. I have found if someone doesn't want a relationship, you can't force one.

#5 Actively work within the Peace Building Community here in Fredericton and help to change the attitudes towards peace as a way of life. - Involved myself more and will continue to do so even though it seems it is an uphill battle to change beliefs about war and violence in a city where most peoples' livelyhood is dependent on the military.

#6 Enjoy time with my partner and actively involve myself in the building of our model train layout. - Spent much more time with my partner, doint lot's of things, but didn't get much done on the railroad!

#7 I will finish things I have started. I will again aim for one a month and see how I do. Next year I will be cheering instead of rolling on the floor laughing! - Here I am, rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

#8 I will continue to encourage the growth of my relationships with others. I will keep in touch with those whose company I enjoy. Did well with this resolution.

#9 I will work even harder at being myself in ALL situations, not just those where it is easy or convienent. Did well here too.

#10 I will actively work on my genealogy, including talking to my mother about her past and recording what she tells me. - Didn't get much done, but with my mother now living with us will hopefully get this done.

#11 I will write letters to all those in my life with whom I correspond in a prompt manner. Okay, so I have some things I need to work on more!

#12 I will find every opportunity to bring creativity into my life. - Some small success here, lots of plans for this year.
What are your goals for 2008?" I whisper.

Are you listening?


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