Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Learning

I'm learning,
slowly learning,
that people only want you
as a friend,
or family member
as long as -
you don't have an opinion (unless it agrees with their's),
or say anything that they are bothered by.
as long as you don't need anything,
or want anything,
or require anything.
as long as you never disagree with them,
or point out anything that they are doing wrong.
as long as you don't get upset,
or angry or sad.
as long as you aren't sick,
or tired,
or down.

If you are or do any of this,
they no longer want you
in their lives.
they cease to call,
they "unfriend" you,
they ignore you.

All their protestations of
how much they love you,
like you,
think you are wonderful,
all their supposed "christian" charity towards others,
all mean nothing.
You are alone.
I'm learning,
slowly learning this.
And it hurts
because I still like and admire you,
I still give you the right to have your opinion,
I still connect with you when you are sick, or tired or down.
I still stay your friend even when you say things that I disagree with
or that upset me.
Why aren't you willing to do the same?

copyright 30 March 2013

Are you listening?